Welcome to the Desert Swing Dance Club!
Our purpose is to promote West Coast Swing dance through Club activities including dances, lessons, trips and other activities. While our focus is on West Coast Swing, we are dancers, and dancers dance. We're interested also in ballroom dancing (waltz, cha cha, rumba, tango, foxtrot), East Coast Swing, Hustle, Night Club Two Step and other dances.

Ursula Longo - President

Ron Bishop - Vice President
Shirley Estep - John McLain
Sara Roth - Treasurer

Barb Delay
- Events
Lynn Fontana Krohn - Newsletter Editor
Open - Membership
Donna Lofgren - Cares & Concern
Josie Nelson - Events Chairman

Polly Culbreth - Past President & Advisor

Larry Kroeze - Website

the Pavilion Dance Studio
401 S Pavilion Way
Palm Springs Ca. 92262



7 - 9pm

Lesson 6 - 7 are FREE till September with Admission

MEMBERS Dance & Lessons $7.OO

MEMBERS Dance only $7.00

NON MEMBERS Dance & Lessons $10.00

NON MEMBERS Dance only $10.00